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Hostage/Crisis Negotiation

Dr. Norton has a developed sub-specialty in Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Training and Consultation, with published articles, training and consultation for local law enforcement, correctional, and FBI officers. He was a member of a Bureau of Prisons hostage negotiation team for approximately 11 years and currently consults with hostage negotiation teams. In 2011, Dr. Norton completed a 1 year tour of duty with the Department of State (DOS) in Afghanistan, where he was a consultant with DOS Personnel Recovery programs and the FBI. Dr. Norton has a number of training presentations, (listed below) which can assist negotiation teams with their tasks. He is available for consultation, post-hostage recovery, or training.

Training Options

  • Hostage Negotiation in Correctional Environments
  • Mental Health Staff Roles in Hostage Negotiation
  • Hostage Survival Skills
  • Principles of Hostage/Crisis Negotiation
  • Negotiation with Mentally ill Suspects
  • Negotiation with Antisocial Suspects
  • Negotiation with Suicidal Suspects
  • Negotiation Principles with Terrorists
  • Hostage Survival Skills in Hostile Duty Areas
  • Training Options for Negotiation Team Members
  • Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Team Selection
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefings

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